comScore WATCH: Police Nab Protester Who Scaled Statue of Liberty

WATCH: Police Nab Protester Who Scaled Statue of Liberty

Police have captured a woman who climbed up on to the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July to protest the separation of migrant families at the border.

Shortly after 6:30 pm ET, police nabbed the woman as she tried repeatedly to climb higher on the statue, at one point even taking off her shoes to aid in her climb while police stood nearby.

At the time of her arrest, the still unidentified woman had spent nearly two hours on the base of the statue, at times sitting under Lady Liberty’s foot. She claimed that she refused to come down until “‘all the children have been released.” She also waved a t-shirt reading “Trump Care Makes Us Sick” and “Rise and Resist.”

Even after her capture, the woman initially refused to come down willingly. As of 6:45 pm, she remained on the pedestal but in police custody. A few minutes later, though, she appeared to cooperate with police and climbed down with help of police and a harness.

The NYPD Special Ops also tweeted out photos of officers playing the woman in custody.

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