Baltimore Sun Columnist Wants Reverse Fact Checks on Trump: We Should Just Assume He’s Lying

As President Donald Trump‘s racks up an ever-increasing pile of mistruths, deceptive statements and outright lies, Baltimore Sun columnist David Zurawik is fed up.

During an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday, the writer told host Brian Stelter it was time for the media to stop mincing words when it comes to calling Trump’s bluff.

“I’m done being Talmudic about ‘is it a lie, what’s his intent’,” Zurawik said. “Who could know intent with this man? He lies every minute, he changes his story second to second.”

Zurawik, who has been the Sun‘s media critic for nearly three decades, was frustrated by the president’s questionable relationship with the truth, adding that the press has mulled over the L-word long enough.

“We should just say he’s lying, folks. Start from that premise. He is a liar,” Zurwawik said.

He then called for reporters to consider a sort of backwards fact check, using the assumption that the president is spreading falsehoods from the start.

“If you can prove he’s not telling a lie, great–we should fact check him backwards maybe, see if anything he’s telling us is true,” he said. “I think we’ve wrestled with it long enough for 18 months that we can call him a liar without being self-conscious and nervous about it, even by some of the highest standards of legacy journalism.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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