Jersey Shore Guys Duped Into Flexing for Village Voice Queer Cover?

The Village Voice’s annual Queer issue is out today and the boys from Jersey Shore are on the cover in all their tanned and muscled glory.  The New York Post, however, is reporting the guys didn’t know that they were being asked to grace the annual issue that coincides with New York’s gay pride.

Now, there is an actual story about the Jersey Shore that isn’t straight curious, but Vinny Gaudagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino are prominently displayed as part of a story about the down-low, gay hook-up culture on the beaches that spawned the MTV show.

The 20 miles of shoreline starting at Belmar, just south of Asbury Park, and ending in Seaside Heights has long been known as the “Guido Riviera,” and now MTV’s surprise hit The Jersey Shore has made Seaside Heights notorious. Central to the show’s success is The Situation & Co.’s blend of the homophobic and homoerotic, mixed together like a potent Long Island Iced Tea. Ronnie’s “fucking faggot” boardwalk rants, The Situation’s gay-for-pay media plays, and Pauly D’s shirtless photos (showcased on dicks-out website have all shaken the cocktail. But long before Snooki and her housemates, homosex has been alive and well on the Jersey Shore. Each summer, itinerant Guidos decamp for Seaside, bringing their horndog, down-low sexuality with them.

So were the guys duped into posing? No one is talking, although the cast isn’t known for being shy about posing whenever asked. With the Queer issue being one of the most popular issues of the season, why should the boys worry about tons of free publicity and guys (and even some ladies) checking out their summer physiques?

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