LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Concedes That Joe Biden Has Won the 2020 Election, Then Promptly Walks it Back


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh conceded that President Donald Trump lost the 2020 Election to Joe Biden Friday, before swiftly walking it back.

With the ongoing vote count putting Biden in an increasingly likely position to clinch the race, Limbaugh used his Friday show to discuss a series of recent remarks from sports columnist Jason Whitlock — who expressed hope that the love Trump has from his supporters would prevail over the hatred of Trump giving momentum to Biden. Limbaugh lamented the “literal unabashed raw hatred” against Trump, he claimed Biden to be a “vessel” with no connection to his supporters, yet conceded that the ex-vice president won, by saying Biden “can tell himself all along he’s been elected president, because he has.”

The guy that won that did not have any kind of massive pro-support. He was just the vessel. He was just the recipient whatever anti-Trump sentiment there was. He can tell himself all along he’s been elected president, because he has, but…there should have been away to counter that as part of the campaign. But you’ll notice that the Republicans and the Democrats never once tried to properly categorized the Biden support but it’s a moot point now.

Moments later, as Limbaugh came back from a break, he said that Fox News’ Bret Baier contacted him to ask if he was conceding the election. Limbaugh repeatedly denied that, insisted “I’ve not conceded anything” and said any insinuation of him conceding was a mistake.

I didn’t say that. I’m dealing in some hypotheticals here, but I’ve never conceded the election. I’ve never said that this was over. I’ve just finished saying Trump’s got legal options open to him…I’m sorry if anybody misunderstood me.

Listen above via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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