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Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Want Trump Rallies ‘Stopped’ Because They’re Worried, Using Coronavirus as an Excuse

Radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh lamented on his show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Monday that Democrats are seeking to stop President Donald Trump‘s rallies – not over fear of the gatherings serving as a venue for the possible novel Coronavirus to spread – but rather because Democratic voters are showing up to the Republican commander-in-chiefs political events.

Limbaugh began the segment by stating that, “Democrats out the wazoo are showing up at Trump rallies.”

“This is why they want these rallies stopped. This is why — it’s not because of public safety, not because of public health. These people — because as you point out, they’re not making an effort to shut down every other opportunity for people to congregate,” Limbaugh continued.

The caller who Limbaugh was speaking to then stated, “I just think the majority of people, I mean, granted their base won’t, but the majority of people can see through that.”

The radio host who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at this year’s SOTU address by Trump added that his theory makes “perfect” sense.

“No, but it makes perfect sense from their standpoint. If you can’t beat Trump and if you want to stop the appearance of excitement about the Trump campaign, then stop the rallies. And if you’re really worried that so many people attending rallies are actually Democrats, then you’ve really gotta shut them down,” the radio host riffed.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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