Skip Bayless Admits He Places Work Above Family: I Told My Wife, ‘You’ll Always Be No. 2’


Skip Bayless admits he places work above family

The phrase ‘family over everything’ doesn’t apply to Fox Sports host Skip Bayless, who blatantly informed his wife, “you’ll always be number two.”

The hot take artist recently opened up about the relationship between work and family, expressing the respect he has for Tom Brady’s apparent sense of balance while acknowledging that for him – work has and always will come first.

“I chose in my 20s, as I was coming up in this business, to not have children,” Bayless explained. “I married not my high school sweetheart but my junior high sweetheart and one reason we didn’t make it was I knew she wanted kids and I knew the deeper I got into my career, I just couldn’t have kids.”

Bayless went further, claiming he would have been a “horrible father” because of his priorities and did not want to inflict that on kids.

“Then I met my wife, Ernestine, 17 years ago in New York City,” he continued. “On our first date, as she will attest, I said ‘hey, if this happens to go anywhere, I’m sorry but I’m declaring myself upfront, you’ll always be No. 2 to my job, which is my life.’”

While most 70-year-olds are at or nearing the retirement stage of their lives, Bayless is still firing on all cylinders in sports media. The admission that he prioritizes work over family, ironically came as the Fox Sports host launched a new venture, his podcast aptly named The Skip Bayless Show.

“I am obsessed to this moment with what I am doing right here, right now with you,” Bayless said. “I live for this. It’s my whole life. It’s my calling. It’s not a job; it’s my passion. It’s what I was born to do and what I want to continue to do as long as my personal situation will allow it.”

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