GOP Congressman Suggests Jews Could Have Survived ‘The Ovens’ if They Had Guns

Leader of White Nationalist Group Claims Florida High School Shooter Was Member

Is That Cute Kid Trump Met at the White House Today Making the Pepe Symbol?

It’s Time to Officially Retire ((( ))) — We Get It, Nazis Are Bad

Lawrence O’Donnell Urges ADL’s Abe Foxman To ‘Crush’ The ‘Anti-Semitic’ National Rifle Association

Rupert Murdoch Apologizes To Anti-Defamation League For Tweet About ‘Jewish Owned’ Media’s ‘Anti-Israel’ Coverage

Put To Rest, And Moving Forward: The Redemption Of Rick Sanchez

Breaking: Glenn Beck Has Also Made Copious Nazi References

Roger Ailes Apologizes To Anti-Defamation League, But Not NPR, For Nazi Comment

Fareed Zakaria Continues To Attack ‘Hypocritical’ ADL Over Ground Zero Mosque

Fareed Zakaria Returns ADL Award Over Opposition To Ground Zero Mosque

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