‘This is Going to Save America’: GOP Congressman on American Health Care Act


In the wake of House leadership postponing tonight’s healthcare bill vote and President Donald Trump stating that he’s done negotiating on it and will move on after a vote tomorrow, Fox News’ Eric Bolling spoke with two Republican congressmen who continue to support the bill.

With a number of conservative and moderate House members expressing unease with the plan and publicly coming out that they won’t vote for it, Reps. Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter — both early Trump supporters — attempted to use their appearance tonight to sell the AHCA. Right away, Hunter went all in on why this bill needs to pass.

“Because this is going to save America,” Hunter stated, in response to Bolling asking why he liked the bill. “To put it simply — it is Obamacare, which is failing, or it is this. This is a good bill, gonna save people money.”

Bolling then pressed both lawmakers about some of the numbers coming out of the Congressional Budget Office that would show older Americans seeing the cost of healthcare go up dramatically under this proposal.

“This is going to be disruptive,” Hunter explained. “What you said is not going to happen, I think.”

There was more back-and-forth among all three men about what could and couldn’t get passed. Bolling pointed out that he is a conservative and wants Trump to do well, but this bill places 52 million people without health coverage.

Earlier today, it was reported that Hunter is currently under investigation for potential campaign finance violations.

Watch the exchange above, via Fox News.

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