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Fox Guests Clash Over Whether Media Has ‘Double Standard’ Over Bush and Obama’s Wars

Megyn Kelly Guests Rip Rev. Leon’s Easter Sermon: ‘Did This Guy Just Climb Out Of A Time Capsule?!’

Mark Kelly’s Pocket Cam Video Destroys Breitbart/Fox News Gun Purchase Gotcha! Smear

Megyn Kelly Ignores Fox News’ Own Reporting On White House Easter Egg Roll

Fox News Reporter Gets Facts Wrong While Spreading Smear Of Gabby Giffords’ Husband

Judge Napolitano Slams ‘Wrong And Unfair’ Law That Would Hold Weapon Makers Liable For Gun Crimes

From The Elephant’s Mouth: Fox News Reporter Offers Republican Talking Points As Hard News Analysis

Megyn Kelly Panel Spars Over Obama Telling Sharpton That ‘Desire To Protect Rich’ Motivates GOP

Megyn Kelly Panel Clashes Over The NRA And Obama’s Use Of Children For Opposing Messages

Megyn Kelly Grills NY Times Op-Ed Author Who Wrote That U.S. Should ‘Give Up’ On Constitution

Megyn Kelly And Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton Take On Anna Wintour Diplomat Rumors

Fox Panel Spars Over Media Bias In Coverage Of GOP Negotiations To Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Megyn Kelly Breaks Down In Laughter Over The ‘Terrifying’ New Fox News Alert Graphics

Fox Panel Gets Heated Over Whether Criticism Of Ambassador Susan Rice Is Racially Motivated

Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over Whether The States Could Legally Secede From U.S.

Fox News Calls Swift Boat Lies A ‘Challenge’ To Sen. John Kerry’s Military Service

Lou Dobbs Condemns Gov. Christie For ‘Slobbering’ Over Obama When Recovery Hasn’t Been Successful

Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over Whether Mainstream Media ‘Blew Off’ Benghazi Coverage

Megyn Kelly Panel Clashes Over Whether Obama’s Potential Libya Strikes Leaked As ‘Distraction’

Megyn Kelly And Panel Ask: Will Obama’s Handling Of Libya Be This Year’s ‘October Surprise’?

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