Angus King

Sen. Angus King Bashes Trump Over Ford Mockery: ‘Dividing Us Into Tribes’ of Men Against Women

Tapper Smacks Down Fox Contributor For Complaining He Labeled Angus King an Independent

Sen. Angus King: Andrew McCabe’s Firing Appears To Be ‘Mean-Spirited’ Act of ‘Vengeance’

Angus King: ‘Really Disturbed’ Trump Admin Is ‘Shrugging Off’ Most Serious Attack ‘Since 9/11’

Sessions on Russian Election Interference: ‘I Know Nothing But What I’ve Read in the Paper’

‘What You Feel Isn’t Relevant’: Sen. Angus King Blasts Intel Chiefs for Not Answering Questions

Sen. Angus King Suggests Impeachment on Table for Trump Due to Potential ‘Obstruction of Justice’

‘Denials Remind Me of Obi-Wan Kenobi’: Senator Angus King Breaks DownTrump’s Jedi Mind Games

Independent Senator’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Pretty Much Says It All

Sen. Graham Reminds His ‘Friends in the NRA’ That ‘Every Right Has Boundaries’

‘Don’t Lecture Me!’: Senator and Fox & Friends Hosts Battle over Obamacare Video

Cuomo to Senator: Is Congress Ashamed of Being Absent During Airstrikes?

Taliban Threatened to Kill Bergdahl if Prisoner Exchange Deal Leaked

Independent Senator May Caucus with GOP if Senate Flips

Sunday Show Round Up: When In Doubt, Waterboard Somebody

Senator Offers to Waterboard Cheney to See If He Thinks It’s Torture

Fox’s Wallace, Sen. King Battle Over ‘Huge Surge’ in Obamacare Enrollment

Sen. King: Groups Convincing People to Avoid ObamaCare ‘Guilty of Murder’

Senator: House Republicans ‘Hate Government,’ ‘Crashing the Economy’ is ‘Success’ for Them

Senator: What If Obama Ended NSA Program That Could Have Stopped ‘Nuclear Attack On Miami?’

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