Anna Kooiman

Ainsley Earhardt Truly Earned F&F Hosting Gig After Years of Sleepless Sacrifice; Here’s Why

Fox Guest: Black People Have ‘Slavish Support’ for Democrats

You Heard It on Fox News: A Woman’s Body Is Her Own

Fox & Friends Host Can’t Stop Giggling At Robber Who Died in Chimney

Fox & Friends Digs Into Ahmed Mohamed’s Alleged ‘History of Trouble’

Fox & Friends Outrages over School’s Flag Ban: Elites ‘Despise’ Patriotism

Fox & Friends Asks Carly Fiorina About ‘Hormones,’ She Says She’s Going to Announce Soon

‘I’m Off the Clock’: Daughtry Ditches Fox & Friends Attempt to Sing ‘My Country Tis of Thee’

Fox & Friends: Now Mainstream Media Will Finally Cover Benghazi—If Their Bosses Let Them

Fox & Friends Lectures Dems: Sterling Shows Why You Shouldn’t ‘Cry Wolf’ About Racism

GOP Rep Lamborn Pushes Bill to ‘Save Christmas,’ Fox & Friends Hosts Thank Him

Fox & Friends Host Anna Kooiman Apologizes for Airing Phony Muslim Museum Story

Fox & Friends Host Airs Fake Story About Obama Funding Muslim Museum

Fox & Friends: Where’s the Outrage From Sharpton, Obama on Chris Lane?

Fox & Friends Hosts Scold Obama For His Many ‘Bad Bets’ In The Middle East

Fox Hosts Go After Obama Admin Over IRS Scandal With Claims Of ‘A Paper Trail’ To Washington

Fox Hosts Tear Into IRS’ Lois Lerner For Refusing To Resign: ‘What Kind Of A World Is This?’

The Truth Is In The Lyrics: Fox & Friends Goes After WH Contradicting Jay-Z About Approving Cuba Trip

Paul Ryan Trashes Democratic Budget On Fox: Their Definition Of Balance ‘Never, Ever Balances The Budget’

Red Eye On Chick-Fil-A Controversy: YouTube Star Antoine Dodson Doesn’t Care And Neither Should You

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