Is NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman Taking a Shot at His Own Paper’s Recent Trump Analysis?

Trump White House Reportedly Considering Cindy McCain For State Department Role

Associated Press Backtracks, Deletes Tweet Criticized For Translating ‘Allahu Akbar’

Police: Fresno Shootings ‘Solely Based’ on Race; Suspect Had Said ‘Allahu Akhbar’

NC State Legislator Compares Abraham Lincoln to Hitler on Facebook

Paul Manafort Registering with US Government as Foreign Agent

Report: State Dept. Employees Told Not to Address, Make Eye Contact with Rex Tillerson

North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill Will Cost the State a Lot in Lost Business (Like, a Lot)

Paul Manafort Reportedly Advanced Pro-Putin Agenda, Contradicting Claims He Never Worked For Russia

AP’s David Bauder Hypes Scott Pelley’s ‘Blunt’ Jabs at President Trump

‘I Understand Why People Have the Opinions That They Do’: Casey Anthony Breaks Post-Acquittal Silence

Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette Sued By AP After Site Bounces Check for Unpaid Fees and Revenue

FLASHBACK: Sean Spicer, in December, Said Banning Press was a ‘Dictatorship’

Video of Poisoning of Kim Jong-Nam Calls Suspect’s Story into Question

Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette Defends Perpetuating ‘Clinton Body Count’ Conspiracy: It Was ‘In Jest’

AP Throws Shade at Donald Trump Over Low Inauguration Attendance

Wait, Omarosa Will Be Joining the White House Staff?

‘I Just Wish I Had Not Voted’: Trump Voter Had House Foreclosed on by Trump’s Treasury Secretary

Why Hack the Election, When You Can Just Hack the Reporting?

AP Reporter Says Russian Officials Have Offered to Be Present At Some States’ Polling Places

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