Arne Duncan

Morning Joe Asks Arne Duncan: Was ‘White Suburban Moms’ Remark Part of ‘Divide and Conquer’ Strategy?

Crowd Laughs, Applauds Chicago Teachers Union President After She Jokes About Beheading The Rich

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Tears Up Over Gun Control: ‘It’s Time We Do Something About It’

Romney Shuts Down Questioner Who Claimed Teachers Unions Are Popular: ‘I Don’t Believe It For A Second’

Prez and the Evolution: President Obama Comes Out For Gay Marriage To Robin Roberts

Did Jake Tapper Get Jay Carney To ‘Make News’ On Gay Marriage?

Obama Campaign Manager Has Combative Interview With Andrea Mitchell Over Gay Marriage

Chicago Teachers Union President Forced To Apologize After Mocking Education Secretary’s Lisp

Update: Labor Reporter Mike Elk Goes Off On The Atlantic‘s ‘New Work Era Summit’

President Obama To Talk Education With ‘Waiting For Superman’ Director

Bad Visual? Obama Uses Teleprompter In Classroom Speech (Updated)

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