Bill Hader

Bill Hader’s Stefon Makes Hilarious Return to Saturday Night Live With the Hottest St. Patrick’s Day Tips

Bill Hader as ‘The Mooch’ FaceTimes Weekend Update: ‘No Regrets Baby!’

Jon Hamm Pretends to Be Bill Hader with Amy Schumer on Extra

Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Bill Hader Prank NY High School

Andy Samberg Returns to SNL with Hilarious Rapid-Fire Impressions

Seth Meyers Promises You Will See SNL’s Stefon on Late Night

Jay Leno Awkwardly Grills Eliot Spitzer: ‘How Could You Be This Stupid?’

SNL’s Stefon Gets Incredibly Epic Send-Off With Anderson Cooper, Seth Meyers, And Wedding Bells

Who’s Leaving Saturday Night Live After This Season?

SNL Cold Open Decimates Gun Control Compromise: Gun Dealers Must Ask ‘Are You A Good Person?’

SNL’s Fox & Friends Tears Into Obama’s SOTU Speech And Interviews Fired Up ‘Ted Nugent’

SNL’s Cut Cold Open Savages Republicans For Their Excessive Praise Of Israel At Chuck Hagel Hearings

SNL Mocks Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech With Hilarious Comedy Ad

Romney And Former GOP Primary Candidates Drink And Sing Together On SNL

SNL’s James Carville Takes On Rush Limbaugh And Newt Gingrich

Lindsay Lohan Plays Herself In SNL’s ‘Scared Straight’

Turns Out SNL Gave Bill Hader’s Lindsey Buckingham His Web-Only Video After All

SNL’s ‘Stefon’ Recommends Mother’s Day NYC Nightclubs

SNL Imagines What Would Happen If WikiLeaks And TMZ Joined Forces

Glenn Beck: Even Saturday Night Live Had To Admit I Was Right!

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