NPR Killed an Experienced Radio Journalist’s Story Due to Her Brazilian Accent

Brazil Elects Far-Right Populist Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian Soccer Team Fined For Canceling Game After 19 Players Died in Plane Crash

AP: ‘Nearly 100%’ of People in Contact with ‘Dangerously Dirty’ Rio Water Will Get Infected

Mutilated Body Washes Up on Rio Shore Near Site of Olympic Volleyball Court

Everything’s Totally Great in Rio You Guys: Man With Water Bucket Tries to Extinguish Olympic Torch

Undercovered: Outrage in Brazil Following Mass Rape Video Appearing on Social Media

Politician to Female Colleague: You’re Not Worth Raping

WATCH: Amazonian Tribe Makes First Contact with Western Civilization

Brazil Slams Israeli Action; Israel Responds with Shot at World Cup Defeat

Brazilian President: World Cup Defeat Worse than My Worst Nightmares

PornHub Politely Asks People to Stop Uploading Videos of Brazil ‘Getting F*cked by Germany’

CNN Crew Injured by Stun Grenades in Brazil World Cup Protests

John Oliver Brilliantly Demonstrates How the World Cup Is Exactly Like Organized Religion

Tonight in Food TV: Anthony Bourdain Wants to Kick Back in Brazil on Parts Unknown

Osama bin Laden Restaurants Are Apparently a Thing in Brazil

Adidas Pulls World Cup T-Shirts Deemed Too Sexually Suggestive

WATCH: Soccer Game Turns Into Vicious Stadium-Wide Riot

NSA Spied on Communications of Mexican, Brazilian Presidents, Documents Show

Pope Mobbed After Wrong Turn In Rio, Prompting Security Concerns In Midst Of Brazilian Protests

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