Bakery Acknowledges it Copied Obama’s Inauguration Cake for Trump, Says It Will Donate Profits

Bakery Apologizes After Denying Teen’s Request for a Trump-Themed Birthday Cake

How is This a Thing? Check Out These Pimple Cupcakes You Can Pop

German Anti-Refugee Lawmaker Cake-Faced by Pro-Migrant Advocate

Whole Foods Says Gay Slur on Cake is Hoax, Releases Video to Prove it

Austrian Baker’s 9/11 Cake Is Basically a Bad Political Cartoon

This Dowager Countess, Maggie Smith Look-alike Cake Will Haunt Our Dreams

Allison Robicelli Slams ‘Morbid and Tasteless’ Food Media for Hoping Cupcakes Die

Tea Partier: Arizona Will Now Require Bakeries to Serve Penis Cake to Gays

Get a Taste of Stephanie Izard’s Incredible Cheez-It Wedding Cake at Little Goat

Duff Goldman’s Shark/Tornado Cake Was Birthday Gift To Sharknado Director

WATCH: Duff Goldman Makes Joey Fatone A Giant Little Shop Of Horrors Cake

Duff Goldman To Be Featured In New E! Special LA Sugar

Last Call: Police Break Up Swarm Of Eagles Attacking Truck Full Of Raw Salmon, Three Guesses As To Where This Happened

How To Quit Your Job Like a Boss: A Cake Resignation Letter

NYC Department Of Health Shuts Down Magnolia Bakery On Valentine’s Day

Duff Goldman Is Baking The Cake For Obama’s Official Inauguration Ball As You Read This

Flashback: Fox’s Chris Wallace Terrifies Rep. Paul Ryan With A Birthday Cake

RNC Sends DNC Cake With ‘You Didn’t Bake That’ In Honor Of Obama’s Birthday

Duff Goldman Makes Fire Hydrant Cake For ‘The Artist’s’ Uggie The Dog

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