Cat Cora

Jared Fogle’s New Job; Other Celebrity Food People’s Run-Ins With The Law

Five Female Chefs Dominating the Food Industry

Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Cat Cora’s New Memoir Reveals History of Sexual Abuse, Depression

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Gordon Ramsay Feuding With… Everybody

WATCH: Cat Cora Speaks Out Against The Injustice Of Adopting Her Own Children

Last Call: Gael Greene Reviews Guy Fieri’s New Resto, Wonders If America Can Read

‘30% Iron Chef’ Cat Cora Predicts Future Kitchens Run By Robot Overlords

WATCH: Cat Cora Accidentally Calls GMA’s Josh Elliot ‘Matt’ (As In Lauer)

WATCH: Cat Cora Gets Scolded For Divulging Lesbian ‘Trade Secrets’ On The Talk

Cat Cora Becomes First Female Chef Inducted Into Culinary Hall Of Fame

Who Was Crowned The Winner Of Around The World In 80 Plates?

Cat Cora Finally Breaks Her Silence About DUI

WATCH: Curtis Stone Finally Breaks His Silence On Cat Cora’s DUI

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora Arrested For DUI, Mugshot Released

Whoa: Cat Cora Arrested For DUI In Santa Barbara

WATCH: Cat Cora & Sharon Osbourne Go Rogue on The Talk, Because There Are No Rules In Stir Fry!

Cat Cora To Design Her Own Collection Of Chef-Focused Footwear

WATCH: Cat Cora And Curtis Stone ‘Gobsmacked,’ Ream Cheftestants On 80 Plates

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