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Chapel Hill Shooting

Fox’s Henry to Earnest: Why Did WH Invoke Religion for Chapel Hill, but Not ISIS Beheadings?

Geraldo: If Chapel Hill Victims Weren’t Muslim, There Wouldn’t Be ‘Muted Response’

Sister of Chapel Hill Victim: American Sniper ‘Dehumanizes’ Muslims

DOJ Civil Rights Division, FBI Conducting Inquiry Into Chapel Hill Shooting

Obama on Chapel Hill Shootings: Nobody Should Be Targeted Based on Their Faith

Turkish President Scolds Obama for ‘Telling’ Silence on Chapel Hill Shooting

Chapel Hill Victim’s Sister: ‘Insulting and Outrageous’ to Call Shooting ‘Parking Dispute’

Inside Edition Does Really Bad Segue from Chapel Hill Shooting to Parking Tips

Dem Rep: ‘Enough Facts’ to Say NC Shooting Might Be a Hate Crime

New Right-Wing Blogger Trend: Smearing Dead People in the News

Chapel Hill Shooter’s Facebook Page Full of Atheist Postings

3 Muslim Students Murdered in Chapel Hill, Gunman Turns Himself In

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