Christina Aguilera

NBC’s The Voice Opens Season Finale With Touching Tribute Performance For Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

NBC To Air Hurricane Sandy Telethon Hosted By Lauer, Starring Springsteen, Billy Joel, And More

9/11 Tops Study On Most Memorable TV Moment Of Past 50 Years

Scarlett Johansson Wiretapper Christopher Chaney Comes Clean To Florida Station

Time Also Publishes Fake Sarah Palin Comment About Christina Aguilera (Updated)

Lamestream! US Weekly Presents Satirical Sarah Palin Story As Real

Ed Schultz Blames Fox for Anthem Flub, Declares ‘There Might Not Be a Next Super Bowl’

Super Bowl Super Blowhards

SEX WATCH: Sexy Sports Reporter Slideshows Are Never in Poor Taste

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