Colbert Slams Former CBS Colleague Charlie Rose: ‘It’s a Harrowing and Terrible Abuse of Power’

CNN Analyst Bill Carter: I Think Colbert Had a ‘Psychological Change’ On Election Night

Stephen Colbert Mocks Louie Gohmert’s Conspiracy Chart: ‘Let’s Play Candyland’

Stephen Colbert Addresses Al Franken’s Harassment Allegation: ‘C’MON!’

Biden Reflects on Son’s Dying Wish For Him To ‘Stay Engaged’: ‘I Want To Make a Difference’

Biden Asks Republicans, ‘How Many of You Are Now Worried About The Stability of The Republic?’

Colbert: Dems Commemorated Trump’s Victory By ‘Kicking His Ass’ With His Arch Enemy ‘The Popular Vote’

Colbert Mocks Don Jr. For Urging VA To Vote The Day After The Election: ‘#TurnsOutEricIsTheSmartOne’

Colbert: If You Feel ‘Powerless’ After These Tragedies, You Can ‘Get The Power Back’ By Voting

Ronan Farrow Swipes NBC: Anyone With ‘Damning Evidence’ of Criminal Activity ‘Needs to Run It’

Colbert Mocks Don Jr.’s Halloween Tweet: ‘It’s Never Too Early To Teach Kids The Dangers of Sharing’

Colbert Slams John Kelly: ‘You’re a General and You Don’t Know Why The Civil War Happened?!?’

Stephen Colbert Reacts to NYC Attack: ‘New Yorkers Will Never Live in Fear’

Colbert on Mueller Indictments: ‘I Know It’s Almost Halloween… But It Really Feels Like Christmas’

Colbert Hits Lou Dobbs: He Wasn’t Lobbing Softballs To Trump Because ‘He Doesn’t Have Balls’

Colbert Hits Bill O’Reilly Below The Belt: He’s a ‘Scrotum Who Wished To Be a Real Boy’

Colbert Rips Mark Zuckerberg For Puerto Rico Virtual Trip: ‘Don’t Go to a Disaster Zone to Push Your Product!’

Colbert Mocks Trump: We Thought WWIII Would Be Caused By Artificial Intelligence, Not ‘Natural Stupidity’

Stephen Colbert: ‘If You’re Ever Having Dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s House, Avoid the Fresh Basil’

Colbert Mocks Cam Newton for Losing Dannon Endorsement: ‘Funny Seeing a Male Talk About Yogurt’

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