Throwback Thursday: Tucker Carlson’s Epic Debate With Jon Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire

Tucker Carlson: Still ‘Don’t Understand’ What Jon Stewart Was Trying to Say on Crossfire

CNN’s Paul Begala Recalls Facing Jon Stewart’s Crossfire ‘Onslaught’

Crossfire Canceled on 10-Year Anniversary of Jon Stewart Appearance; Is Cursed, Obviously

How to Resuscitate CNN’s Crossfire, Again

The 12 Worst Shows on Cable News

The 12 Worst Shows on Cable News

GOP Sen. Predicts Marijuana Legalization Will End in ‘Tragedy’

CNN’s Stephanie Cutter Reluctantly Agrees with Erick Erickson

Crossfire’s Cupp and Cutter Battle Over Which Party Is Obstructing Progress

Newt Gingrich Compares Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian

Crossfire’s Van Jones Is ‘Loving’ This Rand Paul Guy Right Now

Crossfire Host Grills Perry: ‘Are You Saying Homosexuality Is a Disease?’

Crossfire Tackles Talk Radio v. Cantor: Did Voters ‘Nominate Laura Ingraham’?

CNN’s Van Jones Rips the Right’s ‘Benghazi-azation’ of Bowe Bergdahl

Ben Carson Stands by America as Nazi Germany Analogy on Crossfire

S.E. Cupp: Joe Biden Is ‘Like 100 Years Old’

Gingrich: Gays Should Be More Tolerant of Those Who Didn’t Like Michael Sam Kiss

S.E. Cupp: Liberals, Journos Have List of Clinton Scandals ‘You Cannot Bring Up’

Bill Nye Battles Crossfire’s S.E. Cupp Over Climate Change ‘Scare Tactics’

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