Dave Brat

GOP Rep Dave Brat Compares Inmate’s Challenges to Dem Rival’s Ad Campaign: ‘How Do You Think I’m Feeling?’

Brian Kilmeade Wigs Out on GOP Rep. Brat Over ‘Embarrassment’ of Failed Immigration Vote: ‘What Are You Guys Doing?’

John Berman Ruthlessly Grills Fiscal Hawk Rep. Dave Brat on Cost of Trump’s Military Parade

GOP Rep. Says on CNN: When Trump Won ‘CNN Was in Meltdown Crying Mode’

Watch Katy Tur and GOP Rep. End Bonkers Tax Segment By Asking Each Other How Much They Make

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Claims ‘I Don’t Have a View!’ In Spat With GOP Rep.

GOP Rep. Says Media Forced Trump to Attack Sessions

Rep. Dave Brat Offers Latest GOP Trump-Russia Defense: ‘Everybody Colludes in This City!’

GOP Congressman Compares Obamacare to Soviet Communism

Laura Ingraham Considering Senate Run Against Tim Kaine

GOP Rep: Obama is ‘Bonking Republicans Over the Head with the Bible’

Dave Brat Says Cantor’s Been ‘Supportive,’ Takes Shot at ‘Gotcha’ Media

Laura Ingraham Turns Her Attention to Mississippi’s Tea Party Challenger

Stewart: Cantor Loss Killed Compromise… As if There Was Any Left?

Palin: Dave Brat Win Shocked Because GOP Underestimates the People’s ‘Wisdom’

Eric Cantor Calmly Accepts His Defeat: ‘I Couldn’t Be More Optimistic’

Beck: Dave Brat Win Not About Immigration, It’s About Obama’s ‘Lawlessness’

Did Eric Cantor Lose Because He’s Jewish?

Mark Levin Tells GOP: You Wanna Beat Obama, ‘Stop Chasing Genitalia’

GOP Candidate Brat on Min. Wage: ‘I Don’t Have a Well-Crafted Response on That’

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