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David Martosko

Trump Touts Daily Mail Editor Saying Republicans Botched Messaging Over Comey Memos

Daily Mail Editor Whines Twitter ‘Shadow Banned’ Him Because He’s Not Getting 1,000 Followers a Month

Jim Acosta: Trump Held ‘Fake News Conference’ By Attacking CNN During Warsaw Presser

Daily Mail Editor Claims He Was in Talks to Possibly Replace Spicer, But Has Withdrawn

One of Trump’s Candidates For Press Secretary Told Him to Drug Test White House Reporters

Trump Security Reportedly Remove Muslim Students Before Campaign Rally

Former Trump Aide Told Journalist Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks Were ‘Secret Lovers’

WATCH: Reporters Push Back Against Trump Insults in Contentious Presser

Days After Relaunch, Hillary Campaign’s Press Relations Already Hits New Low

Clinton Campaign Reportedly Denies Access to Pool Reporter

The Daily Caller Editor Grilled By CNN Anchor Over Menendez Prostitute Allegations: Were You ‘Duped?’

The Daily Caller Vs. Washington Post: Was Menendez Prostitute Bribed Or Did WaPo Identify Wrong Woman?

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