Clinton Campaign Reportedly Denies Access to Pool Reporter


The Daily Mail’s David Martosko was reportedly denied access to the Hillary Clinton campaign as a pool reporter Monday morning, initiating yet another tussle between the Democratic candidate’s camp and the political press corps:

Martosko said a member of Clinton’s camp told him he had not been approved as a print pool reporter when he arrived to cover the campaign’s New Hampshire swing. He was then sent up various rungs until he got to Clinton press aide Nick Merrill, who issued several apparently contradictory explanations, including that the Daily Mail was a foreign publication, then that the campaign was taking a day off to discuss pool procedures, then that no pool reporter had been designated for the day.

Merrill later responded to Politico’s Dylan Byers, saying, “We want a happy press corps as much as the press corps does. And we work very hard to achieve that in tandem with them. It’s a long campaign, and we are going to do our best to find equilibrium and best accommodate interest from as many news outlets as possible, given the space limitations of our events.”

It’s unclear whether this move targeted Martosko, a Daily Caller alum perhaps tainted by the site’s debunked Robert Menendez story, or targeted the The Daily Mail itself, or was part of the Clinton campaign’s greater ongoing battle with the press.

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