Earth Day

POLL: What Does Stacey Dash Think Obama Should’ve Commemorated Instead of Earth Day?

Bolling Fires Back at Colbert: ‘I’d Hate to Be the Dumbass’ Watching Your Show

Colbert Commends ‘Dumbass’ Eric Bolling’s Earth Day Opposition

The Five’s Beckel Rips Bolling for Laughing at Climate Science: ‘You Are a Total, Complete Jerk!’

Fox & Friends Celebrates Earth Day by ‘Cheering’ Fossil Fuels

Keith Olbermann Undercuts Slavery Revisionism Segment with Awkward Tree-Lighting Gag

NYPD Disposes of Bikes Along Obama Route Just in Time for Earth Day

In Honor Of Earth Day: The Greatest Environmental Magazine Covers

Virginia To Celebrate Treason, Defeat With Confederate History Month (Video Update)

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