Ted Cruz’s Father: Public Education Brainwashes Children Into Communism

College Student Suspended For Joking That Black Women Are ‘Not Hot’

Florida Teacher Resigns After Realizing Her Child Will Attend Florida Schools

Chuck Todd to Carson on College Bias Policing: Doesn’t That Violate Free Speech?

Dem Rep. on Campus Rape: Better to Expel More Students, Even if 80% Are Innocent

Julianne Moore Seeks to Rid Her High School of Confederate Name

Teacher Resigns After Reading ‘Gay Fairy Tale’ to Third Graders

Minneapolis Sex Ed Class Gave Lesson at Adult Novelty Shop

Education Reporter Declares ‘Public Schools Suck’ During Emmy Speech, Gets Booed

Chuck Norris Hates ‘Secular and Progressive’ Public Schools

Lawsuit Alleges Sally Atwater Shoved a Special Needs Child

Higher Student Loan Burden, Lower-Wage Faculty Found at Schools with Highest-Paid Execs

Fox’s Keith Ablow: Sex Ed Leads to Children Discussing Threesomes, Naturally

The Five Offers Advice for Conservative Parents to Combat Liberal Indoctrination

April Bloomfield’s Culinary Education Cost a Grand Total of $287.51

GOP Rep. Gohmert: We Don’t Need Sex Ed Because ‘Mankind Has Existed For Long Time’ Without It

Wisconsin Eighth Graders Taught That Conservatism Is About ‘Restricting Personal Freedoms’

There Is Nothing Controversial About Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC Promo

We Don’t Need No (Sexual) Education: State GOP Lawmakers Trying To Block Sex Ed

Stewart Applauds Rand Paul For Using Filibuster Over Drones Issue ‘Worth Kicking Up A Fuss For’

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