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Jen Agg Fights Lady Chef Abuse with Toronto #KitchenBitches Event; Hugh Acheson Joins

The Top 10 Chefs You Need To Know In Atlanta

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2013 Prediction Results, A Self Evaluation: Did We Get It Right?

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LAST CALL: Marrying a Chef Is Like Marrying a Normal Person, Weird

Imbibe & Inspire’s ‘The Roots of American Foodways’ Conference All-Star Line-Up; Plus, How You Can Attend for Free!

Breakfast Tweets: Dana Cowin Passes on Some Useful Lobster Advice

17 Secrets about Hugh Acheson’s Unibrow

Best Morning Tweets: What Do Dita Von Teese and Andrew Zimmern Have in Common?

WATCH: Hugh Acheson Turned Down Top Chef Proper, Took Masters For The Charity Out

Last Call: Duffceratops

Top Chef Masters Battle Of The Sous Chefs Episode 3: Sausage Redemption (VIDEO)

FEUD: Eddie Huang Calls Hugh Acheson A ‘Corny Ass B***h’, Both Tear Each Other Apart On Twitter

Last Call: Hugh Acheson Will Make Your Concert Munchies More Delicious

Last Call: Culinary Historian Invites Paula Deen To Cook On A Plantation In 19th Century Slave Style

Top Chef Masters Battle Of The Sous Chefs Episode 1: Sous React

Last Call: There Will Be No David Beckham-Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

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