Jeff Flake

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: DACA Recipients ‘Should Not Be Punished For the Sins of Their Parents’

85-Year-Old Pardoned Sheriff Considers Running for Senate Against Jeff Flake

Trump Calls Out Jeff Flake by Name: ‘Weak on Crime & Border!’

Trump Goes After Senators McCain and Flake: ‘I Will Not Mention Any Names…Very Presidential’

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake Ahead of Trump’s Rally: ‘I Don’t Worry About’ His Attacks

Trump Rips ‘Toxic’ Jeff Flake on Twitter, Applauds Primary Challenger

Lawrence O’Donnell Shreds Jeff Flake for Being Six Years Late on Trump, GOP Criticisms

Jeff Flake Continues to Ding His Own Party: GOP Must Be ‘More Welcoming’ On Immigration

Jeff Flake Laments That the GOP Didn’t Stand Up to the Birther Movement

Sen. Jeff Flake Denies Thinking About Leaving GOP Over Trump: ‘I’m a Proud Republican’

American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp: Jeff Flake Shouldn’t Claim to Speak for Conservatives

Huckabee Sanders Hits Back at Jeff Flake: Focus More on Legislation Than ‘Attacking the President’

Hannity Slams Sen. Jeff Flake: Instead of Trying to Sell Your Books, Focus On Obamacare

MRC’s Brent Bozell Mocks ‘Imposter’ Jeff Flake Over His Conscience of a Conservative Book

Chuck Todd on Looming GOP Divide: ‘Just Whose Republican Party Is This Right Now?’

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake Defends His Trump Critique: ‘More Important Than a Political Career’

Huckabee Dismisses GOP Senator Criticizing Trump as a ‘Globalist’

Sen. Jeff Flake Nukes Trump on Morning Joe: ‘Alternative Facts’ Are Not Conservative

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake Calls Out His Own Party’s ‘Unnerving Silence’ on Trump

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: The Republican Party ‘Has Lost Its Way’

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