Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake Reportedly in Talks to Work at CBS News

Trump Swipes at Outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake: ‘He’ll Probably End Up Going to CNN’

Jeff Flake: I Haven’t Ruled Out Challenging Trump in 2020, But ‘Somebody’ in the GOP Needs To

The Daily Show Mocks Jeff Flake With ‘Meaningless Tweets’ Blanket –– Then Mocks Him Again When He Asks for One

Jeff Flake Says He Wouldn’t Be Blocking Trump’s Judicial Nominees if He Wasn’t Retiring

Republican Lawmakers Condemn Trump’s ‘Saudi Arabia First’ Statement: ‘What is Becoming of America?’

Jeff Flake Tamps Down Speculation Over Presidential Run: ‘I Don’t Think That Will Be Me’

Lindsey Graham Tells Hannity: ‘Trump is Not Going to Fire Mueller’

CNN’s Toobin: Jeff Flake Making Empty Threat on Mueller Bill, McConnell Is Going to Squash Him Like a Bug

Jeff Flake: I Won’t Vote to Advance Judicial Nominees Until Senate Takes Up Bill to Protect Mueller

AZ Senator Flake on Troops Sent to Border: ‘Can’t Call It Anything But a Stunt’

NY Times Columnist, Fmr Book Critic Takes Back Praise of Jeff Flake’s Book

Jeff Flake: ‘People Shouldn’t Expect Me to Vote in Lockstep Against the President Simply Out of Spite’

Jeff Flake Grilled Over Kavanaugh Vote on The View: ‘I Don’t Know’ if I Believe Christine Ford…or the Judge

Jeff Flake Responds to Trump’s ‘Unknown Middle Easterners’ Tweet: ‘A Canard and a Fear Tactic’

Kavanaugh Protesters Refute Trump’s Claims: We Were Not Paid

Jeff Flake Says He Will Vote Yes on Kavanaugh Confirmation ‘Unless Something Big Changed’

Key Swing Votes Flake, Collins Satisfied by FBI Kavanaugh Probe: ‘Very Thorough’

Senator Jeff Flake: Trump’s Mockery of Christine Ford Was ‘Appalling’

Jeff Flake Says He Was Troubled by Kavanaugh’s ‘Partisan’ Tone: ‘We Can’t Have This on the Court’

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