Jennifer Palmieri

Fox’s Bolling: The Pro-Trump People on Other Networks ‘Aren’t Really Equipped to Defend Themselves’

Jen Palmieri Admits Media’s Leftward Slant; Claims They’re Harder on Democrats?

REPORT: Clinton Campaign Was in Contact With Effort to Flip Electoral College Vote

Clinton Campaign Official: Team Trump Needs Some ‘Introspection’ About How They Won

‘I Took That Personally’: Conway Reflects on Feud with Clinton Staffers

‘We Won!’: Trump and Clinton Aides Get in Heated Clash During Harvard Forum

Emails Suggest CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ Agreed to WH Demands Not to Ask Kerry About Clinton Emails

Clinton Spox: She’s Disclosed More Personal Info Than Probably Any Candidate in History

Clinton Spox: ‘We Could Have Done Better’ at Being Transparent About Her Illness

Hillary Spox on Private Email Use: ‘She Didn’t Really Think It Through’

Hillary Comms Director Struggles to Explain Roping Off Reporters to MSNBC

Ed Henry to Obama Official: You Think Men ‘Can’t Understand Pay Equity?’

Obama White House Plays the Victim, But the Press Isn’t Playing Along Anymore

Fox’s Ed Henry Snarks Back at White House Tweet over Gender Pay Equity

Obama Spox on Report Women Make Less in White House: ‘We Can Always Do Better’

Obamacare’s First Deadline Already a Public Relations Disaster

White House Official: ‘Dangerous’ to Consider Tomorrow the New Obamacare Deadline

Washington Post Runs Features On WH Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler’s … Taste In Shoes

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