Jim Crow

Jill Stein Accuses Michigan of Engaging in ‘Jim Crow’ for Ruling Against Recount Effort

Loretta Lynch Denounces NC Bathroom Bill by Likening It to Jim Crow Laws

Carson Compares RNC Convention Rules to ‘Jim Crow Era’ Laws

Bernie Sanders to Black Audience: GOP Wants To Bring Back ‘Jim Crow Days’

CNN’s Will Cain Mortifies Poli-Sci Professor by Comparing Obamacare with ‘Jim Crow Laws’

Al Sharpton Rails Against New Voting Laws: We Need to Fight ‘Jim Crow’s Children’

Conservative Org Warns That Christians Will Soon Be ‘Second Class Citizens’ Like Blacks Under Jim Crow

Al Gore Calls Long Voting Lines In Florida A ‘Direct Descendant Of Racist Jim Crow Tactics’

Meacham: Confederate History Month Is The ‘Right’s’ Answer To Obama

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