John Kirby

A Baffled John King Calls Trump Remark ‘A Stunning Public Rebuke’ of Own Military Leaders

State Department Spox on Refugee Vetting Process: Is It Perfect? ‘Probably Not, No.’

Here’s the Super-Secret Reason There’s No Recording of Hillary Clinton’s FBI Interview

State Dept. Spox: US Relationship with Mexico Is ‘Strong Enough to Weather’ Trump Remarks

NY Times: Iran Ransom Story Is ‘Fake,’ Because Obama Says So

Media Libels Obama Over Iran ‘Ransom,’ That’s Actually the Opposite of Ransom

State Department Spokesman: $400 Million Wasn’t Ransom Because Iran Went First

Not ‘Ransom’ – ‘Leverage’? Fox’s James Rosen Grills State Dept Spox Over $400M Iran Payment

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Lying, The Fact-Checkers Are

FBI Director Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Were Not Properly Marked Classified

Updated: Only 2 Hillary Clinton Emails ‘Bore Marking Indicating’ Classified Info, and Both Were Errors

State Dept Spox Confronted on FBI Findings: Is There ‘Lax Culture’ on Classified Material?

State Dept Spox Personally Thanks Fox News For Uncovering Briefing Video Deletion

State Department Admits They Deleted Damaging Admission From Briefing Video

Tapper to State Dept. Spox: Is WH ‘More Willing to Look the Other Way’ with Iran?

John Kerry Thanks Iran For Releasing Captured U.S. Soldiers

State Dept. Defends Listing ‘Bringing Peace’ to Syria Among 2015 Accomplishments

‘You’ve Had Your Moment’: State Dept Spox Snaps at RT Reporter for ‘Ridiculous’ Questions

State Dept ‘Email Czar’ Received Classified Info from Hillary Clinton

State Dept. Spox: ‘Not Relevant’ New Email Czar Donated Thousands to Hillary

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