john tesar

John Tesar, Josh Ozersky Writing a Meat-tastic Cookbook

Influential to Infamous: The Chefs, Restaurants, and Food Names Who Made 2014

Hot On The Burner: Eleven Madison Can Do No Wrong

Leslie Brenner on Restaurant Criticism (and John Tesar): ‘I Don’t Work for Chefs, I Work for Readers’

John Tesar Inks Reality Show Deal, Declares ‘The Era of the Critic Over’

Alan Sytsma: Rants Like John Tesar’s Make Diners Feel Unwelcomed

Every Rage Tweet John Tesar Fired Off in Response to Leslie Brenner’s 3-Star Review

Last Call, Video Flashback Edition: Anthony Bourdain’s ‘A Krampus Carol’ Story

John Tesar Craps on Bon Appetit’s 50 Best New Restaurant List, Gets Nominated Anyway

Zen And The Art Of The Comeback: John Tesar’s Not Crying Anymore

John Tesar On Top Chef Inspiration, Producer Interference, And How The Show Ruins Careers

John Tesar Talks Celebrity, Mommy Issues, And The Other Mrs. Bourdain

Josh Ozersky And John Tesar Attempt To Out-Passive-Aggressive One Another

WATCH: John Tesar Helps Zachary Quinto ‘Plead The Fifth’ On Porn Questioning

WATCH: Was Top Chef: Seattle’s John Tesar Really A Characer In Kitchen Confidential?

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Top Chef Seattle’s John ‘Sustainability’ Tesar Flies His Restaurant’s Fish Into Dallas From California

WATCH: John And Stefan Brawl Over Frozen Tuna On Last Night’s Top Chef Seattle

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