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Sean Spicer Scolds ABC’s Jon Karl After Interrupting Another Reporter

Ana Navarro Says ‘Good For’ Republicans Who Aren’t Endorsed by Trump: It’s a ‘Badge of Honor’

GOP Overplays Hand (Again) in Debate-Complaint Department; Here’s One Real Solution to Consider

CNN Panel: Jeb Bush’s Poll Numbers Show He’s in ‘Big Trouble’

White House Reporters Gets Testy with Earnest’s ‘Spin’ on Election Results

AP Offers Peculiar Explanation for Obama’s ‘Upbeat’ Post-Midterm Press Conference

AP Reporter Asks Obama: Did Voters Reject Your Agenda Last Night?

CNN Guest: Dems ‘Twisting Themselves Up in Knots’ Over Whether to Be Seen with Obama

CNN Mocks IRS for Missing Lois Lerner Emails: ‘Do You Believe in Santa Claus?’

CNN’s King: Dems Worried WH More Focused on ‘Covering Your Ass’ Than VA Scandal

Sunday Show Round Up: Was This the Most Pointless Cable Segment Ever?

George Will, Brit Hume Blast #BringBackOurGirls: ‘Exercise in Self-Esteem’

CNN’s King: ‘Where Are the Democratic Super PACs’ to Defend Obamacare?

Fournier: Obama’s Attack on GOP’s Budget Not ‘Going to Help’ Reach Independents

John King on Clinton’s ‘Calculated’ Iran Comment: ‘Sounds Like She’s a Politician’

The Mainstream Media Conjured President Obama’s ‘Worst Year Ever’

AP Reporter Bluntly Asks Obama: ‘Is This the Worst Year of Your Presidency?’

Mediaite Morning Reading List: Obama Hits the Road for Obamacare

Obama: ‘We Fumbled the Roll Out on This Health Care Law,’ ‘That’s on Me’

GOP Guest to Chuck Todd: ‘Want to Be Careful’ Firing Gov’t Officials, It ‘Feeds You People’

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