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Kanye West

Trump Thanks Kanye for Telling the ‘TRUTH,’ Touts African-American Unemployment Stats

Kanye West Shares His Porn Habits With Kimmel

Kimmel Leaves Kanye West Speechless By Asking if Trump Cares About Black People

Kanye Wests Urges Trump Critics to ‘Try Love’: ‘We Can Defuse This Nuclear Bomb of Hate’

Kanye West Says Putting on MAGA Hat Was ‘Overcoming Fear’ of Backlash: ‘Liberals Can’t Bully Me’

Kim Kardashian on Her Meeting With Trump: ‘I Have Nothing Bad to Say About The President’

Kanye West Says He Felt Pressure to Support Clinton: Seemed Like I Was ‘Castrated’ For Being Pro-Trump

Kim Kardashian Reveals to Van Jones Why Kanye ‘Loves’ Trump

Trump Reportedly Told Kim Kardashian That She & Kanye Are Helping His Approval Rating Among Black Voters

Trump Reportedly Met at White House With Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk to Talk About Kanye, Black America

Amber Rose: Trump ‘is Kanye in a White Man’s Body…They Have the Same Personality’

Yes, CNN Has Released a Poll on What People Think of Kanye West

WATCH: Kanye West’s Nonsense Gets Everyone Killed in SNL’s A Quiet Place Parody

Trump Thanks Kanye West for His Rising Poll Numbers: He ‘Must Have Some Power’

Pro-Trump Pastor Darrell Scott Wants to Bring Kanye West to White House for Summit on Race

TMZ Interviewer Blasts Kanye West: ‘An Under-Medicated, Mentally Unstable Megalomaniac’

Brian Stelter on Kanye West’s ‘Humiliating’ Meltdown: He’s Acting ‘Like a Gift to Racists’

Whoopi Goldberg Tears Into Kanye: ‘You Can’t Pretend’ Slavery Was a ‘Choice’ for Black People

Fox & Friends Praises Kanye West For Live TMZ Meltdown: ‘Good For Him’

Don Lemon Rips Kanye West For ‘Embarrassing Himself’ Over Slavery Comments: ‘He Should Read!’

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