Kanye West

Kanye West Goes on Twitter Rant to Kick Off 2019: ‘Trump All Day’

CNN’s Erin Burnett: Trump Scolding Reporters Isn’t About ‘Decorum,’ It’s About ‘Controlling the Press’

Candace Owens and Tomi Lahren Clash on Twitter After Kanye Tweets: ‘Sorry About Your Failed Career’

Chris Cuomo Reflects on Media Coverage of Kanye After He Steps Back from Politics: ‘Shame on Us’

Kanye West Distances Himself from Candace Owens’ ‘Blexit’ Campaign, Says He’s Getting Out of Politics

Kanye West Designs Shirts Encouraging Black People to ‘Blexit’ from the Democratic Party

Elle Draws Backlash For Using Fake Kanye-Kim Breakup Story to Trick Readers Into Visiting Voter Registration Page

New York Times Scraps Discussion With Kanye West After Charlamagne Tha God Says It ‘Would Not Be Productive’

Ice-T Slams Kanye West’s Oval Office Meeting: ‘Why the F*ck You Meeting with a Rapper?’

Jedediah Bila Slams Kanye Critics: ‘There Has Been a Character Assassination Against This Guy’

Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns to SNL to Face Kanye West in Oval Office: ‘Oh My God, He’s Black Me!’

Kanye West Says Jack Dorsey Working on ‘Reprogramming’ Twitter to Allow People to Remove Followers and Likes

Tucker Carlson Compares Don Lemon to 1960s Segregationists For Criticizing Kanye West

The Media’s Vicious, Race-Baiting Coverage of Kanye West Exposes Their Ideological Intolerance

T.I. Eviscerates Kanye Over ‘Bootlicking’ Trump Summit: ‘Disgraceful & Embarrassing Act Of Desperation’

Outnumbered Cries ‘Fascism’ Over Trump-Kanye Summit Criticism: Media Has a ‘Holier-Than-Thou’ Attitude

Worst Reporter in D.C. Deletes Terrible and False Tweet Boasting About Kanye West Being ‘Born Impoverished’

The View Laments Trump ‘Using’ Mentally Unstable Kanye West: It’s a ‘Public Cry for Help’… And No One’s Helping

Abby Huntsman Hits White House For Timing of Kanye Visit: People Are ‘Fighting For Their Lives’ in Florida

Kanye’s Wildly Meaningless White House ‘Hit’ Propels Empty News Cycle Based on Nothing

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