Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Hillary Clinton Slams Vladimir Putin For ‘Manspreading’

Al Gore Reveals He Believed Trump Would Buy Into His Climate Hysteria

Watch Stephen Colbert Address Controversial Anti-Trump Rant: ‘I Would Change a Few Words’

Colbert Rewrites REM’s ‘It’s the End of the World As We Know It’ for a 2016 Year in Review

Colbert Helps Trump U Grads Celebrate Lawsuit Settlement With a Commencement Address

After Hamilton Dustup, Colbert Imagines What Would Happen if Pence Saw The Lion King

Colbert Mercilessly Mocks Trump for ‘Dry Humping’ the American Flag

Jorge Ramos Blames ‘Loco Hombre’ Trump for Normalization of White Supremacy

Colbert Defends Fallon on Widely-Criticized Trump Interview: ‘I Don’t Entirely Understand the Furor’

Listen to Stephen Colbert Practically Dare Donald Trump to make Late Show Return: ‘He’s a Chicken’

Allen Iverson to Colbert: I Took an ‘Ass-Whoopin’ ‘ so Today’s NBA Players Could Express Themselves

‘Are You Intoxicated Right Now?’: Colbert Slaughters Lochte in Late Show ‘Interview’

Colbert Brings Back Classic Word Segment to Rip Into Trump Over Khan Family Attacks

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer Celebrated Clinton’s Nomination Live…From 1776?

Colbert Defies Comedy Central by Introducing Colbert Report Character’s ‘Identical Twin Cousin’

Warren Lights Up Trump For Sounding Like a ‘Two-Bit Dictator’ During RNC Speech

Colbert Bids Sanders Farewell With an Awesome Revival of the Hungry for Power Games

Colbert Slams News Organizations for Showing Exploding Istanbul Terrorist

Colbert Teams Up With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Pay Respect to Muhammad Ali

Colbert Literally Floored by the Concept of Trump Clinching the GOP Nomination

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