‘Absolutely False’: Susan Rice Denies Allegations of Political Unmasking Trump Staffers

Carl Bernstein: ‘Remarkable’ Hypocrisy from House Intel Members Decrying Leaks of Classified Info

Rand Paul: It is ‘Very Important’ That Whoever Released Flynn/Russia Call Transcripts ‘Go to Jail’

‘They Don’t Respect the Law’: Trump Slams MSNBC’s ‘Bad People’ in Response to Maddow’s Tax Report

‘Save Your Dumb Thug Routine’: Scarborough and Trump’s Attorney Are Having a Twitter War Right Now

Michael Hayden on Gov’t Leaks: Millennials Are ‘Culturally’ Different on Secrecy Issues

Hannity: It’s Time for Trump to ‘Purge’ the Deep State ‘Saboteurs Before It’s Too Late’

O’Reilly to Bob Woodward: You Don’t Think You’re Being ‘Used’ by People Leaking from White House?

‘You’re Asking Me Loaded Questions’: Democratic Rep. and Tucker Carlson Battle Over Intel Leaks

‘I’ll Do Whatever I Can to Help Out’: Ex-Trump Spox on Pledging Not To Be Anonymous Source

Treasury Secretary Tells Staffers Leaks Won’t Be Tolerated, Which Immediately Leaks

WATCH: Cam’ron Explains Why ‘Snitches’ Are Actually a Good Thing in the Trump Era

REPORT: Trump Signed Off On Phone Checks of White House Staffers to Catch Leakers

Sean Spicer Reportedly Forced Staffers to Submit to Phone Checks to Snuff Out Leaks

James O’Keefe’s ‘CNN Leaks’ Is an Obvious Stunt for Attention & Money

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats ‘Suddenly Love Leaks,’ But Attacked Them Under Obama

Chaffetz: We Want DOJ Inspector General Investigating Leaks of Classified Info

Fox’s Neil Cavuto: So Now Democrats Care About the Substance of Leaks?

Laura Ingraham on Flynn Leaks: ‘This Is the Stuff Police States Do’

Greg Gutfeld: ‘Obama Loyalists Who Stayed Behind’ Likely Behind Leaks

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