comScore 'I'll Do Whatever I Can to Help Out': Jason Miller When Asked if He'll Pledge Not To Be an Anonymous Source

‘I’ll Do Whatever I Can to Help Out’: Ex-Trump Spox on Pledging Not To Be Anonymous Source

On today’s broadcast of CNN’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter welcomed on former Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller.

While the conversation first revolved around Miller’s decision to not accept the White House’s offer to be the communications director for the administration (to which Miller stated was due to him needing to make his family a priority), the discussion soon veered into President Donald Trump’s frustration with leaks to the media.

Miller noted that following his speech, Trump was enjoying a good news cycle until there were leaks to the press used to “attack the president,” referencing the stories surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ and other Trump advisers’ conversations with the Russian ambassador during the campaign.

“That was an insightful comment,” Stelter said. “You said those leaks were attacking the president. Typically a journalist sitting here on the anchor’s side would say those leaks were trying to inform people.”

After Stelter asked him if the Trump team sees leaks to the media as attacks, Miller said “they are” while stating that there’s a real responsibility from the press to “draw a line on these leaks.”

“Will you pledge not to be an anonymous source yourself?” Stelter pressed Miller. The former Trump spox then gave an answer that could be interpreted a number of ways.

“Well, I do my job and that’s my job is — I’m sorry, my career — and I’m also a strong supporter of the president and I’m a communications professional,” Miller responded. “So I’ll do whatever I can to help out.”

Watch the entire interview above, via CNN.

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