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WATCH: Local Anchorage News Station Continues Earthquake Coverage from Damaged Newsroom

WATCH: This Weatherman Totally Snaps After Colleagues Blame Him For Cold Forecast

Sinclair-Owned Station Tweets They Chose Not to Air That Promo Announcement

Twitter in Shock Over Video Showing Local TV Anchors Forced to Read Script About Fake News

Sinclair is Making Local News Outlets Run Pro-Trump Segments on ‘Deep State’

Oops: Local News Station Runs ‘P.F. Chang’ Olympics Graphic Instead of ‘Pyeongchang’

WATCH: Local News Team Tries On-Air Hot Chip Challenge and Immediately Regrets It

A Cleveland Weatherman Shaved His 109-Day Old Beard After the Browns Finally Won a Game

Let’s Watch Some Awkward Post-World Series News Segments With Random Fans Shouting Things at the Camera

Charlotte Reporter Covering Protest: We’re Evacuating All of Our Crews from Uptown

Atlanta News Producer Fired for Posts About Black Lives Matter: ‘Uncivilized Turds’

Police Remove Repeat Offending Thong Wearer From Public Pool

A Flasher Crashes Live Local News Report on Post-St. Patrick’s Day Revelry

Chicago Weatherman, Reporter Argue During Live Report… Twice

Reporter Bites Back At ‘F*ck Her Right In the P*ssy’ Heckler With Class

Foreclosed Water Park Owner Chains Leg to Top of Slide in Protest

Meet the Florida Woman Whose Eye Was Accidentally Glued Shut

‘Aggressive Meat Salesman’ Plagues Small Texas Town

TX Police Rip ‘Unethical’ TV Station For Posting Video of Suspect Being Killed

WATCH: Weatherman Has Hilarious Freakout over Bug Attack on Live TV

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