Martin Bashir

The Long-Lost Stars of TV News: Where Are They Now?

Martin Bashir Returns to ‘Cable News’ for 3 Whole Seconds

Concha: On-Air Apology Only Option For CNN’s Embattled Carol Costello

In PC 2014, Radio Rant Against Erin Andrews Yet Another Crazy Career Move

Jobless Martin Bashir Commiserates with Jill Abramson: ‘I Hear You!’

Blitzer: If Republicans ‘Want to Win,’ They Need a Jeb Bush

Ex-POLITICO Reporter, Fired for Racial Anti-Romney Comment, Reveals New Life in Retail

RNC’s Boycott Comical, But MSNBC President Must Publicly Apologize

RNC Spokesman Turns Huckabee Debate Back on MSNBC Anchor: ‘Your Own Network Has Problems’

Phil Griffin Defends Harris-Perry and Bashir Apologies, but Won’t Let Them ‘Define’ MSNBC

Scarborough Takes Shot at Palin While Praising Romney’s Reaction to Harris-Perry Apology

CNN Concocts Pressure to Fire MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Over Romney Grandson Segment

A Year of Apologies: The Missteps and Mea Culpas of 2013

Keith Olbermann: ‘Any Adults in Charge’ at MSNBC?

Top 10 Culture War Heroes Not Afraid to Talk About Jesus and the Bible and God

Juan Williams: Right Wanted Bashir, Maher Fired, But ‘Cry Foul’ Over Duck Dynasty Star?

Alex Wagner to Take Over Martin Bashir’s 4PM MSNBC Slot

Morning Joe Explodes: Matt Lewis & Thomas Roberts Trade Blows over ‘Disgusting’ Duck Dynasty Star

Piers Morgan Dubs Sarah Palin the ‘Woman Who Drove Out Martin Bashir’

CNNers Argue Over Whether Duck Dynasty Star’s ‘Hate Speech’ Invites Anti-Gay Bullying

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