Mazie Hirono

Sen. Hirono Accuses Trump of an ‘Implicit Threat’ After Comments on ‘Tough’ Supporters: He’s ‘Encouraging’ Assault

Sen. Hirono Defends Rep. Omar Because Anything She Says ‘Can Be Viewed in a Certain Way’

Sen. Mazie Hirono Slams Trump: He’s ‘More Than Willing’ to Believe Murderers, Dictators Over His Own Intel Community

Anderson Cooper: It’s A ‘Little Hard to Believe’ Pelosi Canceled SOTU for Security Reasons

Sen. Hirono Dismisses Rep. Gabbard: I Want Someone With ‘Long Record of Supporting Progressive Goals’

Dem Senator Blasts Trump Over Shutdown: He Was Listening to ‘Very Loud Voices of Fox News’

Sen. Mazie Hirono Says ‘Bullsh*t’ Live on MSNBC While Ranting on Trump Over Possible Shutdown

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Grills Sen. Hirono: Were You Told to Go Easy on Facebook By Chuck Schumer?

Sen. Mazie Hirono Blasts Trump Claim He’s a Nationalist: It’s ‘Racism…Anti-Semitic…White Supremacy’

Hirono Blasts Susan Collins for Her ‘Insulting’ Doubt of Ford’s Story: ‘What is That?’

Senator Mazie Hirono Slams Trump for Mocking Christine Ford: ‘Lowest Common Denominator’

Sen. Hirono: Don Jr’s Fear of Weaponized Assault Claims Comes from ‘Mistrust of Women’

Sen. Hirono Rips Kavanaugh for ‘Bizarre’ Behavior, Suggests FBI Probe Could Become ‘Farce’

Joe diGenova Goes After Sen. Hirono: ‘Shut Up, Senator, Shut Up! I’m Sick of You’

Mitch McConnell Blasts ‘Choreographed Smear Campaign’ Against Kavanaugh: ‘It’s Despicable’

Sen. Hirono Doubles Down on No Presumption of Innocence for Kavanaugh: ‘We’re Not in a Court of Law’

Tapper Grills Sen. Hirono on Keith Ellison Scandal: What About Allegations Against Democrats?

Sen. Hirono Refuses to Say Kavanaugh Has Presumption of Innocence: Women ‘Need to Be Believed’

Sen. Mazie Hirono: Grassley’s Claim He’s Doing Everything to Contact Kavanaugh Accuser is ‘Such Bullsh*t’

Democratic Senator Hirono: GOP are ‘Re-Victimizing’ Christine Ford In Asking Her to Testify

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