Michael Bloomberg

BREAKING: Bloomberg Says He’s Not Running For President, But Announces a Different Campaign

Stephanie Ruhle Bashes Hugh Hewitt For Suggesting She Wants to be Bloomberg’s Press Sec: ‘Shame on You’

Chuck Todd Covers ‘Climate Crisis’ For Entire Meet the Press Episode: We’re Not Giving Time to ‘Climate Deniers’

Bloomberg Weighs 2020 Run and Selling Company: ‘I Don’t Want All The Reporters I’m Paying to Write a Bad Story About Me’

Michael Bloomberg Registers as Democrat, Prompts Speculation About 2020

Bloomberg Holds Fundraiser for GOP Rep. King After Pledging Millions to Help Dems Win House

Michael Bloomberg is Reportedly Set to Spend a Boatload on the Midterms, With One Goal in Mind

SPOTTED: Bob Iger and Michael Bloomberg Dining Quietly in NYC

Bloomberg on Brexit: ‘Stupidest Thing Any Country Has Ever Done’ — Until Trump

Mike Bloomberg: The Democrats Will ‘Step On Each Other and Re-Elect Donald Trump’

Clinton Ally Suggested Getting ‘Brown and Women Pundits’ to ‘Shame’ NY Times

‘I’m Not a Big Fan of Term Limits’: Trump Was Against Term Limits Before He Was For Them

Hillary Considered Several Billionaire and CEO Clinton Foundation Donors for VP

Bloomberg on Trump: ‘I’m a New Yorker and I Know a Con When I See One!’

Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Clinton in Primetime DNC Speech

Tech Company CEO: We’ll Offer $10 Million to Host a Trump/Sanders Debate

Bloomberg Booed For Blasting ‘Safe Spaces’ During College Commencement Speech

Michael Bloomberg Denounces ‘Safe Spaces’ in University Commencement Speech

Bloomberg Rules Out Independent Run: Can’t ‘Risk’ Cruz or Trump Winning

Bloomberg Confirms He’s ‘Looking at All the Options’ for a White House Run

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