Michael Moore

Michael Moore Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Declaring Dems Will ‘Win’ Midterms: ‘That’s What Happened in 2016!’

Michael Moore Shares Raw Footage of Suspected Mail Bomber at Trump Rally

Michael Moore Rips Fox News: They Helped ‘Create a Generation of Angry and Violent Conspiracy Theorists’

Michael Moore Blames Media for Dumbing Down America

Michael Moore Rips Obama, Blames Him For Allowing Trump to Win Michigan in 2016

Michael Moore: Remove Kavanaugh’s Nomination Because Trump is ‘Under Criminal Investigation’

Michael Moore to Chris Hayes: It’s Possible Trump is the Last Ever President

Michael Moore Has a Theory Trump Ran for President Because He Was Jealous of Gwen Stefani

Michael Moore’s New Documentary Calls Trump the ‘Last President of the United States’

Former Hillary Adviser Tweets Address of Book Store From Bannon Incident, is Accused of Inciting ‘Payback’

Jennifer Rubin Calls For LL Bean/Alaska Cruises Boycotts to Stop Collins/Murkowski From Confirming SCOTUS Pick

Michael Moore: I Will ‘Surround The U.S. Capitol’ With ‘a Million Other People’ to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Confirmation

Michael Moore Riles Up The Resistance: We Have To ‘Get Off The Couch’ and ‘Put Our Bodies On The Line’

Michael Moore Planning ‘Secret Project’ Involving Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump

Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore Says Getting Rid of Trump ‘Shouldn’t be the Main Goal’

Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders Knock Media Coverage of Russia, Stormy Daniels at Inequality Town Hall

Michael Moore Speaks Out on Weinstein: We Can Seize the Moment to Bring Down ‘White Male Hierarchy’

Michael Moore Calls For Repeal of Second Amendment

It’s Official: Broadway Hates Michael Moore

Art of the Tweet — Donald Trump Jr. Completely Owns Michael Moore

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