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Michael Sam

Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Care About Black Lives, He Cares About Colin Kaepernick

WATCH: Michael Sam Gets in an Explosive Argument Outside a Hollywood Nightclub

Report: NFL Made Secret Deal With Rams to Draft Michael Sam in 2014

Former Mizzou Star Michael Sam: ‘I Did Not Experience Any Racial Issues’

Michael Sam: My NFL Career Would’ve Been Better If I Didn’t Come Out

One Year After Becoming the 1st Openly-Gay Footballer, Michael Sam is Stepping Away

ESPN’s ESPYs Promo Reduces Late Jim Valvano to a Prop; Exploits Jenner for Ratings

Michael Sam: Coming Out Was the ‘Right Choice’

Michael Sam: I’m Not the Only Gay Man in the NFL

Fox Guest Host: Ray Rice Would Have Been Punished More if He Hit Gay Man

Houston News Show Accidentally Runs Tweet Calling Tony Romo Gay

Michael Sam Cut from St. Louis Rams

Daily Show Knows the Real Reason Michael Sam’s Making His Teammates Uncomfortable

ESPN Airs Important Update on Michael Sam’s NFL Showering Habits

Fox’s Kilmeade: Michael Sam a Distraction Just Like Michael Vick Was

Concha: Tony Dungy Right on Sam, But Apparently Has No Right to Share Opinion

Tony Dungy Explains His Michael Sam Comments: ‘I Gave My Honest Answer’

ESPN Anchors Shout at Each Other over Claim That Gay NFL Player a ‘Distraction’

Olbermann Rips ‘World’s Worst’ Tony Dungy for Michael Sam Comments

Maher Rails Against PC Mob: People Have the Right to Be ‘A**holes!’

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