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President Obama Condemns Both ‘Disgusting’ Anti-Islam Video And ‘Mindless’ Violence Before The U.N.

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Obama For Saying Israel ‘One Of Our Closest Allies In The Region’

Mediaite’s Noah Rothman On Geraldo: Middle East Unrest Diminishes Obama’s Foreign Policy Attacks On Romney

Jon Stewart Tears Into Hannity, Other Pundits For Hypocrisy Toward Middle East

Bill O’Reilly, Brit Hume Pressure Romney To Define Foreign Policy Views In Major Address

Chuck Todd: Middle East Crisis Could Be ‘One Of Those Things That Derails The Election’

Mark Halperin’s Mideast Crisis Double Standard: Romney Should Talk Policy, Obama Should Talk Politics

GOP Sen. Inhofe Blames Embassy Attacks On Obama’s ‘Policy Of Appeasement’

David Koch Supports Gay Marriage, Pot Legalization, And Ending Wars — And You Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Israeli Defense Minister Praises Obama: Doing ‘More’ For Israeli Security Than Previous Presidents

Conservative Group Slams President Obama For Not Visiting Israel During Presidency

Mitt Romney Touts Strong U.S.-Israel Relationship In Israel Speech

Geraldo Defends Obama’s ‘Kill List’ From Fox & Friends Hosts: ‘I Don’t Care About Losing Moral High Ground’

Biden Concludes Bush Was ‘The Problem’ On Iran — But Obama’s Worse

Herman Cain Tells Bill O’Reilly He Is Comfortable With A ‘Shooting War’ Against Iran

Sen. John McCain: ‘I Don’t Think American Public Opinion Would Stand For’ Another War In Middle East

Al Jazeera English’s Ayman Mohyeldin Returns To NBC News

CNN’s Amber Lyon Talks To Mediaite About Being Detained In Bahrain And The Digital Roots Of The Arab Spring

Herman Cain Admits To Hannity He Didn’t Know What ‘Right Of Return’ Meant

President Obama: Israel and Palestinians Must Negotiate On Basis Of 1967 Borders

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