CNN Reporter Gives Her Opinion of Travel Ban: ‘Damage’ to How Muslims View US ‘Difficult to Put Into Words’


During a CNN segment on President Donald Trump’s recently signed executive order implementing a new travel ban on some Muslim-majority nations, CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon was asked what she expected the reaction to be to the EO in the Middle East.

With anchor Wolf Blitzer noting the new travel ban now has a 120-day freeze on Syrian refugees, rather than an indefinite suspension as in the original one, Damon explained that it might give Syrians a “little bit of hope” only because the population is “desperate for anything.”

However, she also pointed out that even though Syrian refugees aren’t indefinitely banned, there are no guarantees that they’d be allowed entry after 120 days is up. “That is psychologically crushing on an individual and populations who frankly have been through much more than many of us have ever been through,” Damon stated.

Moving on to the six countries that are impacted by the ban — Iraq has now been removed — she told Blitzer that “it doesn’t make sense to anyone” because those nationals will say they “never did anything to America” and weren’t responsible for 9/11.

“The damage this does to how Muslims in the Middle East perceive America is very difficult to put into words because so many people no matter how they view US policies still wanted to believe in this concept of the American dream,” she added, providing her opinion. “Now with this, even that is being taken away from them.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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