Natural Disasters

Trump Reportedly Wants to Nix Disaster Aid to Puerto Rico

Massive Sinkhole Swallows Over a Dozen Cars at an IHOP Parking Lot

WATCH: Incredible Video Shows Baltimore Landslide Devouring Cars

The 15 Awesomest Things on the Internet for the Week

Daylight Brings Stark Images Of Tornados’ Aftermath In Oklahoma

Obama Consoles Moore, Oklahoma, But Warns: ‘We Can’t Shortchange Disaster Response’

Bill Maher Blasts GOP On Handling Natural Disasters, Says Dems Have Been Better

Michael Moore Trashes CNN’s Hurricane Sandy Coverage On Piers Morgan Tonight

O’Reilly Panelists Clash Over Link Between Climate Change And Hurricane Sandy

Dear Ms. Bachmann: Can You Please Clarify God’s Position On Some Things?

Cars, Houses, Other Japan Earthquake Wreckage En Route To The U.S. West Coast

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