New Black Panthers

CNN Heavily Features New Black Panthers In Dramatic Zimmerman Verdict Reaction Montage

President Obama Nominates Thomas Perez As Labor Secretary

Sanford Police And FBI ‘Investigating’ New Black Panther ‘Dead Or Alive’ Flyers

Sean Hannity Resurrects Lie That Barack Obama ‘Spoke With’ New Black Panthers

Zimmerman Anonymous ‘Family Member’ Asks Eric Holder To Arrest New Black Panthers For Hate Crimes

Laura Ingraham: Eric Holder Not Going To Investigate The ‘Black Panthers’

Rev. Jesse Jackson Denounces New Black Panther Bounty On George Zimmerman

CNN Reports ‘Black Panthers’ Offering Bounty On Trayvon Killer George Zimmerman

Daily Caller Links President Obama’s Trayvon Martin Remarks To ‘Black Panthers’

Debunked: Lie That Derrick Bell Was ‘Fervent Admirer,’ ‘Loved’ New Black Panther Founder

Bill Maher: Governing With GOP “Is Like Rooming With A Meth Addict”

Glenn Beck Asks Why America Will Focus On Mel Gibson’s Racism But Not The DOJ’s

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