Obama: Despite ‘Dog Whistles,’ My Race Is Not Why We Have Partisan Divide

Obama: No ‘Diversity of Views’ in Either Party, We ‘Choose Our Own Facts’

Ex-Obama Speechwriter Working on TV Show About a Partisan Civil War

Biden: Even in Days of Segregationists, Politics Weren’t as Nasty as Today

Hillary Clinton: Partisanship Is Pushing America ‘Backwards Instead of Forward’

O’Reilly: Clinton’s Wrong, Obama’s More to Blame For Partisanship Than the Media

Partisan Divide: GOP, Dems Can’t Even Agree On Whether Olive Garden Constitutes ‘Authentic Ethnic Food’

CBS Chief Les Moonves: ‘Partisanship Is Very Much A Part Of Journalism Now’

Psychologist Proclaims Modern Political Polarization ‘Dangerous’ For America

CBS’ Bob Schieffer Blasts Congress, Proposes ‘Second Congress’ That Would Take On Important Issues

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