Ex-Obama Speechwriter Working on TV Show About a Partisan Civil War


Have you heard people saying the U.S. is on the brink of another civil war? It’s happened a few times, generally mentioned in a metaphorical sense (especially when it comes to GOP intra-party fighting). But what if it was a literal partisan civil war? That’s the hook behind a new Showtime series from former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett.

Showtime and Lovett have teamed up for this new show called Anthem. And based on details of the premise, it sounds like there will be some literal partisan fighting and instead of headlines merely hyperbolizing “clashes” or “battles” or “eviscerations,” they might actually reflect reality in this fictional nightmare scenario.

According to Variety, Anthem starts on an Election Day (a presidential one, mind you) that “ends with the country on the brink a civil war, amid the collapse of political institutions and partisan battles.” And TVLine describes the show as an attempt to “survey what happens when our political system collapses under the weight of mistrust and partisan division.”

So basically, The Walking Dead meets House of Cards meets all that real-life political shouting that reminds you on a daily basis why you really hate other people.

Lovett’s previous attempt at bringing politics to television was the short-lived NBC series 1600 Penn (Lovett’s own Twitter bio actually references this). And he announced the news on Twitter today by hinting at just how bad Election Day could really get in this fictional America:

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