Patrick Leahy

Sen. Leahy Goes After Sessions on Twitter: ‘You Can’t Run Forever’

Democratic Sen. Dryly Responds to Putin: Obviously He ‘Would Always Tell the Truth’

Mediaite and United Talent Agency #WHCD Party Was Pretty Awesome, Here’s Some Evidence

Ben Affleck Gives Congressional Batman Co-Star a Shout-Out During Testimony

Feinstein: GOP Using Lynch Hearing Just to Complain About Obama, Holder

Fox & Friends Hosts Shocked by Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hit List’: ‘Another Story Waiting to Erupt’

Where GOP Can Disorient Democrats in 2014 by Agreeing with Them

NSA Director: ‘Dozens’ Of Terrorist Plots Thwarted By Snooping Programs

Giuliani Tackles Racial Profiling On NBC: Can’t ‘Ignore’ Threat From ‘Distorted Islamic Extremist Ideology’

Wayne LaPierre On Whether NRA Supports Universal Background Checks At Gun Shows: ‘We Do Not’

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre And Illinois Democratic Senator Battle Over Background Checks

Obama Administration Agrees with Sarah Palin: Don’t Freeze Aid to Haiti

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